Founder | Mahmoud Hassouneh

What is MQAAAR?

MQAAAR is an ever-evolving journey of work aimed at strengthening the ties that bring people together. The idea was inspired by the prominent sense of togetherness we enjoy in Palestine. 

Every community is tied together through interests, principles, and ways of life; and a community's strength is measured by how well it treats the weakest of its members.

On that basis, we will closely monitor these various ties as we attempt to reflect and advance them in the best way possible. We will also do our best to support and signify the voices of the most vulnerable among us.

My message to all of our followers is to buckle up and prepare for a long journey of joy, exploration, and building.


We will spread our message and establish ourselves as a world-wide recognized movement and brand. From Palestine to the world, and from the world to Palestine.

(To Be Continued...)


The making of MQAAAR wasn't easy. It took long brainstorming sessions, back and forth designs, weeks of planning & production, and so much more.

We documented parts of the journey to share with you, but we're only getting started. We will be back for more.